Empowering the next generation of leaders to positively thrive

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Giving each generation access to the learning they really need to thrive has never been so important.
Elke Edwards, Ivy House

At Ivy House we bring together emerging leaders from forward-looking organisations. We offer them profound levels of personal and professional development – the type of development normally reserved for senior executives – at a time when it will impact not only their future career, but the rest of their life.

Ivy House grows the leaders of the future

There exists a transformative set of skills and knowledge that make a profound difference to how a life turns out. They are the hallmarks of those who create extraordinary lives and become extraordinary leaders. We have created The Ivy House Programme to bring this life-changing learning to our emerging leaders. Delivered in a way that works, it creates lasting transformation so that they can truly thrive and make an impact.

Introduction to Ivy House

Bringing life-changing learning to the next generation of leaders

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Everyone should take this programme. It really helps you shape your future career.

Yading Song, Business Analyst, Google

The Ivy House experience gave me a new insight into my character and clarity in finding a plan for my career.

Chris Foo, Trainee Solicitor, Linklaters

I learned a lot about becoming more conscious of attitudes, thoughts and feelings and I’m confident this will make me a better individual, team member and leader.

Anil Sarda, Economic Consultant, The Economist

The most talented peer group.

Tom Norris, National Account Manager, Kraft Heinz

The Ivy House programme will change your life. A group of people just as curious and enthusiastic about making an impact and changing the future as you.

Josie Andrews, PA Consulting Group

Award-winning professional and personal development experts

The Ivy House team knows what it takes to lead an extraordinary life. Led by Elke Edwards – founding partner of the multi-award winning executive development company, Blue Sky Performance Improvement – we are dedicated to bringing life-changing knowledge to emerging talent who are determined to reach their full potential.

About us

Extraordinary development for emerging talent

Each year Ivy House works with a select group of organisations who share our commitment to the development of emerging leaders. These businesses and organisations invest heavily in finding the right emerging talent, and are eager to see the impact they can make. They want to:

Ensure high performance

High potential doesn’t mean high performance. Give your brightest and most determined emerging talent transformational development and unlock their potential to drive the future of your organisation.

Build loyalty and commitment

Too many organisations are seeing their high potentials and top performers vote with their feet. Reduce attrition rates by letting your emerging leaders know how much you value them and want them to succeed.

Transform the leadership landscape

Give your high potential emerging talent the skills and knowledge they need to truly step into their leadership potential. Ensure lasting habits of success are embedded early on, and set the foundations for a culture and mindset of learning and growth.

Drive organisational change

Create lasting change not just from the top down, but also from the ground up. Give a voice to your high potentials and tap into their energy, curiosity and creativity.

Net Promoter Score

Ivy House has a Net Promoter Score of 87%

The Ivy House Programme

Creating the leaders of the future

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A vision for education

Bringing transformational leadership development to schools

The sooner young people learn to take positive and proactive ownership for their lives, the easier it is for them to form the behaviours and beliefs that are the basis of a fulfilling, purposeful life. To this end, we are building a powerful network of influential people in business, government and education who want to be a part of bringing the very best of leadership development to schools.

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