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What if all young people in our schools were given access to the type of transformative development that right now is found only in the coaching and development programmes of the most enlightened and successful people?

The team at Ivy House knows that this development will impact every aspect of the lives of our young people – the work they choose, the relationships they build, their self-belief and their self-esteem. We imagine a world where every generation is given the best chance to take the lead in creating meaningful, positive change in their own lives, their communities and their world.

We also know that we can’t do this alone. We are building a powerful network of innovative and determined individuals in business, the third sector and education who share our belief in the future of young people and the world they can create.

Before you start the programme, you don’t necessarily think Ivy House is what you need. But after you’ve finished, you won’t know how you did without it.

Tom Nunan, Cambridge University

The Ivy House programme has the potential to revolutionise the way we nurture and educate young people. A world-class course run by world-class coaches.

Jonny McCausland, Former Head Boy, Wellington College

I believe wholeheartedly that a deep-rooted understanding of, and engagement with, the skills and insights offered by Ivy House will give our alumni a crucial edge in a fast-changing and complex world.

Ben Vessey, Headmaster, Canford

Are you ready to make change happen?

This year we will be holding a series of think tanks and discussion groups to share experience and expertise, and to think big about what is possible. Do you feel inspired to create lasting change? We’d love to hear from you.

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Keynote Speaking

Ignite the leadership flame in your students. Each year Elke visits a limited number of schools to deliver keynotes at prize giving events, speech days, and lecture series. If you’re ready to open the eyes of your students to the leadership potential they have within them, get in touch.

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