Keynote speaker:
Elke Edwards

Leading performance coach Elke Edwards challenges the way we are developing our future leaders. She believes that we are leaving it far too late, and that by giving young people earlier on in their careers the ability to lead themselves and others, we will radically change the face of leadership for the better.

The Official Line

Elke Edwards is a leading performance coach, leadership developer and sought-after speaker. For the last twenty years, she has worked with senior leaders and their teams across almost every sector including organisations such as Virgin, Barclays, Centrica, Linklaters, RBS, the BBC, EE and WaterAid. She and her team have worked with over 40% of the FTSE 100 and, over the last 10 years, won 43 awards for their work in performance and behavioural change. In 2013 Blue Sky, the company she founded, was sold to Capita to spearhead their leadership development offering. She is now on a mission to bring award-winning learning, the kind of learning that changes lives, to young people who want to take control of theirs.

The Bottom Line

“I believe our job is to ensure that the people who will be shaping the future are given access to the kind of learning that will not only change their lives, but will dramatically transform their organisations, their communities, and their world.

Right now, there are millions of young people starting out. They have big dreams, incredible drive, huge energy and a determination to find new and better ways of living. At the same time, our understanding of what it takes to lead an extraordinary life and become an extraordinary leader has never been greater. I believe it is time to give the next generation of leaders this knowledge and capability. I am on a mission to do this and I invite you to be a part of making it happen.”

Who should listen

Organisations that want to wake up to the new ways of thinking and the incredible levels of creativity, curiosity, challenge, energy and passion they have sitting in their organisations.

Educational bodies that see that the only way to create a better future is to equip the next generation of leaders with everything they need to create positive change – now.

Elke is a truth-sayer. She cuts through the entrenched habits and ways of doing things that exist in organisations today and inspires you to tap into your bigger potential – as individuals, teams and an organisation.

Scott Barton, CEO, Global Transaction Services RBS

I wish we all had access to this kind of thinking. It is the only thing that will help us create change. Elke will have your students sitting on the edge of their seats and engaging fully in what they need to do to take full ownership for their lives.

Jonny McCausland, Former Head Boy, Wellington College

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