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Looking for an in-house solution to develop your emerging leaders? We’ll work with you to tailor our signature programme to your specific needs.

If you would like to run the Ivy House Programme internally, there are a number of ways in which it can be tailored to suit you and your company. This may mean changing the way the masterclasses are delivered; spreading the journey out over a longer period of time; or adding job-shadowing opportunities. Whatever your preferences, we’ll make sure your emerging talent benefits from the Ivy House approach in a way that delivers extraordinary results.

What your
talent really

To thrive in the future, organisations are well aware that they need market-leading energy and ideas. But it’s tough to find the right talent – and even tougher to keep them. Why? Because most organisations are designed and run by a different generation. So if we are going to keep our hard-won talent we need to create environments that they value – and this is often different to what we have. If we are going to retain and develop our emerging talent then we will need to do understand what they want.

You know that your organisation needs extraordinary people to survive a fast-changing and uncertain future. But do you know what those extraordinary people want from you?

1. Align

Today’s emerging leaders crave meaning and purpose in their work above all else. Try to impose your values, and they’ll switch off. But invest in them as individuals – by helping them understand who they are and what matters to them, how that connects with your company, and how their strengths and passions can uniquely contribute – and their loyalty and commitment will know no bounds.

2. Engage

The social media generation expect to be communicated with constantly, in real time, with warmth, transparency and candour. Help them feel like they have a voice. Create opportunities for them to grow their networks both within the company and externally. Engage them in meaningful dialogue with senior people. Foster a genuine sense of belonging. And watch them soar.

3. Stretch

High performers have high aspirations – in fact, research shows this intake is the most ambitious yet. They love advanced training delivered by experts, and although they understand the need for technical, role-specific skills, they also prize learning that is specific to their individual interests. Feed the growth of their personal brand, and they’ll give you their all.


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“Our delegates have become our marketing campaign. They are telling the stories, they are making it applicable to Aviva in a way that I couldn’t. We have our own ambassadors.”

Bernadette Bruton, Global Talent & Organisational Development Director, Aviva

“We are committed to the Ivy House Programme. It’s a unique programme for emerging talent, and there’s really nothing out there in the market place that I think is similar.”

Stuart Dalgleish, HR Director, Connected Home, Centrica

“We’ve had phenomenal feedback from the participants – they all had very different experiences but a common theme is that it’s been transformational.”

Randers, HR Director, Fleetcor

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