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What if all sixth formers were provided with the type of personal and professional development that is usually reserved for those at the top of the tree?

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Right now, there are millions of bright, talented, determined young people starting out. But technology is exploding, the economy is struggling, and the workplace is changing too fast for the curriculum to keep up. If they are to thrive, they need an edge.

The Ivy House Award gives them that edge. It provides sixth formers with a new type of education at a critical time in their lives. This unprecedented programme gives students the confidence and skills they need to step up and take ownership of their future. It will influence every aspect of their lives:

• The work they choose
• The relationships they build
• The confidence they have in themselves
• The impact they make on the wider world

It distils the essence of all our experience and learning and adapts it to the unique stage of life of sixth form students. It helps them gain clarity on who they are and what they want, and arms them with the skills they need to make conscious, informed choices about the direction they want their lives to take, whatever the world throws at them. They become the leaders – not victims – of change.

Game changing skills and knowledge in one place

The Ivy House team have spent their careers working with senior leaders in business and are experts in what it takes to stand out. Delegates on The Ivy House Programme have come from a diverse range of innovative and forward-thinking companies including Aviva, RS Components, L’Oréal, Google, Slaughter & May, Linklaters, TFL, Heinz, London City Airport, Direct Line Group, KPMG, Fleetcor, Sainsbury’s, Centrica, M&S and Dentsu Aegis.

Now we’re bringing this sought-after knowledge and these skills to the next generation. As of September 2019, we’re launching The Ivy House Award with a select group of leading schools. It’s a game changer, and we can’t wait.

Want to be be part of this exciting new change?

Sponsor the award

Our aim is for the Ivy House Award to be available to every young person who has the desire to take charge of their life, regardless of location, income, background or circumstances. If you would like to help us make that happen – through sponsorship or in any other way – then please do get in touch.

“Employers tell us that the most important skills in the workplace are the ability to think critically, to be emotionally intelligent and to communicate effectively. I think the Ivy House Award has the potential to impact all of these.”

Alex Patton, Head of Sixth Form, Brighton College 

“The jump from school to the workplace is massive. If young people are greater equipped with resilience and confidence, and are clearer on the career they want and where they’re going, that would make a huge difference.”

Kate Humphries, HR Manager, M&S

“I think the skills and mindset learned from Ivy House would be utterly life changing for anyone that is lucky enough to be a part of it.”

Jo Naish, Teacher, Canford School

“I think the Ivy House award will give young people the confidence to go for opportunities they may not have sought before. It will help them to make impact with potential employers and be able to sell and promote themselves to those employers.”

Jessica Bradley, HR, RBS

3 key principles

At the heart of The Ivy House Award lie 3 key principles. They are the hallmarks of an extraordinary life – and they’re exactly what The Award will help students develop.


To live your best life, you need to know yourself. You need to know what kind of life you want, what strengthens you and puts you in your element. You need to understand what drives you and the set of habits you have already developed that make up your personality preferences. When you know who you are and who you want to be, you can then make decisions based on what matters to you and where you want to go.


There are certain critical skills that make a profound difference to the results you achieve. They impact every part of your life and career and make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. How to have impact, access your inner confidence, how to build relationships that matter and communicate it in a clear and compelling way. These are the skills that you’ll learn at Ivy House.


Self-leadership is a commitment to taking 100% responsibility for the life you create, the relationships you build and the impact you have. It determines your approach to others and your approach to yourself. Self-leadership is at the core of the Ivy House Award giving you the opportunity to step up and lead your life.

A unique learning experience

The Award provides sixth formers with expert content and teaching in the areas of self-knowledge, self-empowerment and self-leadership, enabling them to make the most of the amazing opportunities for development within school life.

The Award combines the very best personal learning with the flexibility of an online platform. Over two terms, pupils work through a different subject each week – watching a short ‘teach’ video, completing a personal exercise and taking part in a short discussion.

In the first term, they complete their own unique Storyboard – gaining a deeper understanding of who they are and the life they want to create. In the second term, the focus is on their Game Plan – starting to develop the crucial skills needed to take action and make an impact.

The Award can be run as a whole year activity or as an extra-curricular activity.

Life-changing questions for sixth formers

What do you want your life to look like in five years? Have you decided who you want to be, not just what you want to do? Do you know what strengthens you? Do you know how to turn it into a career? How can you make your thoughts work for (not against) you? Do you know how to listen? Do you know how to get your point across in a way that will make others listen? Do you understand what makes other people tick? Do you know why anyone should be led by you? How can you become more confident? Are you resilient or do you get shaken by every little setback? Do you know how to build a network? What do people say about you when you are not in the room? Why should people choose you over someone else? Are you ready to become the leader of your own life?


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